Fractal Art

A word from the artist

Hello, my name is Mike. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Superior with a Bachelors in Mathematics. During my studies there, I became obsessed with a certain type of fractal. Although a majority of my time studying these mathematical shapes was devoted to figuring out the math behind them, I now also spend time turning them into art. I want to create something fun and cool that will bring the beauty of mathematics into peoples homes to enjoy, even if they are not mathematicians! I hope that you will find my art as pleasing as I have in my journey of discovery.

What is this fractal art?

My artwork is inspired by geometric shapes known as fractals. It is sometimes difficult to exactly define fractals, but one property that they have is that the main shape you see is repeated at smaller scale. Each piece has a different composition, involving various configurations of overlapping and intermingled shapes. The ability to make so many different arrangements of shapes and color schemes makes this art extremely flexible. This art can be simple or complex, bright and stimulating, or calm and relaxed. This flexibility is something I am still discovering in ways myself.

Tell me about the product, what formats are available for purchase?

If you are interested, what you would be buying is a high definition copy of one of the fractals you see here. These are digitally printed on semi-matte, photo quality paper. As the customer, you are ordering a print only. I leave it up to you to select a frame and do the framing. This is done for a couple reasons:

  • I would like to allow you as the customer to have the freedom to choose the frame you like, and have something you want the work to be displayed in.
  • It is easier to ship just the print to you, instead of having it pre-installed in a frame. This avoids the danger of any damage to your art or frame during shipment!

How do I buy?

To buy any artwork displayed on the site, please browse the Following Links and make your selection there:

You may also try your hand at creating a fractal yourself, should you feel explorative!

How does pricing work?

Prices are currently based on the size of the print, with a small charge if a custom color order is made. Here is the breakdown of the price for different sizes


12" x 12"

12" x 12" Print$40 USD
+UPS Shipping (Insured)$20 USD
12" x 12" Total$60 USD
+Custom Color Theme$10 USD
12" x 12" Custom Color Total$70 USD


24" x 24"

24" x 24" Print$100 USD
+UPS Shipping (Insured)$20 USD
24" x 24" Total$120 USD
+Custom Color Theme$10 USD
24" x 24" Custom Color Total$130 USD